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Explore Brussels-based contemporary artist Florence Silvestri's versatile journey—from monumental painting to intricate self-portraits.

Art is the expression of our soul, it is a journey within ourselves.

Florence Silvestri sitting on a couch and watching her photographs


The artistic career of Florence Silvestri (born 1967) is rich and varied. After an academic training in painting, engraving, screen printing, photography and art history, she uses her knowledge of these various disciplines in multimedia creations. 

Florence Silvestri Contemporary Artist Brussels portrait

When she began painting in the 1980s, she was fascinated by line and perspective in a Constructivist spirit. Then, in the abstraction of her first large-format works, she deployed her talents in monumental painting, which she would continue to favor throughout her career.

Florence Silvestri' finger pointing at her last piece of art

She successfully tries out mixtures of techniques and various materials, with alloys of pigments, sands, stones and printed circuits. Her favorite subject is the city, which she photographs in Europe, America and China, and covers with collages of screen printing, mineral matter, oil paint and integrated circuits.

Florence Silvestri painting on the camera lens

In her latest works, from these vast, material composite constructions, photography is freed, now serving the exploration of the Self through self-portraits, as well as screen printing, which sings in lines and colors the plastic beauty of the integrated circuit, a supreme metaphor of the urban and bodily fabric.

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